Beloved citizens of Dibrugarh,

Here thanking you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this honour and privilege of serving you.

As I took over the responsibility as the chairman of Dibrugarh Municipal Board effective April 2015 I assure you that now you have all your public amenities at your doorstep.

I am also very keen to increase communication between us and the citizens. We should be more proactive and transparency will be prevalent effectively. This will help us to optimise utilization of resources available and hence increase the quality of life.

The top priority of the Municipal Board is to improve upon the quality of life. With this great task at hand the Dibrugarh Municipal Board is trying its best to motivate all resources to discharge its functions in the most effective and efficient manners to the esteemed citizen of this Historic town Dibrugarh to convert it to a SMART CITY.

The Dibrugarh Municipal Board is committed to provide a transparent and efficient service to the citizens of Dibrugarh. It is my pleasure to announce that Dibrugarh Municipal Board initiated measures to connect with global network through its own website:





Dibrugarh Municipal Board










































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