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Water Supply

Dibrugarh Municipal Board is running 5 water projects out of which one is based on river source and balances are on Ground water Source. The existing 5 projects cover 45% of total population. The projects are old enough and need immediate up-gradation to fulfill the demands of growing population.

Solid Waste Management

A) Garbage Generation/ day in the town = 35 MT 
Characteristics: - 

Paper Etc. Metals Glass Textile Plastics Wooden Matter Organic Substance, Earth Ash etc.
13.73% 0.10% 1.80% 12.40% 9.80% 1.10% 61.07%

B) Garbage dispose/day = 31 –33 MT/day
C) Available infrastructure -

Dibrugarh Municipality use to collect the Garbage from Collection point/ Dustbin from 6 AM and dispose the same at Garamur Dumping Ground, 3 Km away from the city. The present system of disposal is open land filling. A research work has been undertaken with Regional Research Laboratory, to find out a suitable technology for disposing the garbage scientifically with minimum expenditure. Up till now no treatment plant could be set up for financial constraint of the board. It is estimated that, to establish solid waste plant, a sum of Rs.2.90 corers will be required to implement the Honorable Supreme Court’s order on the P.I.L. filed by the Almita H Patel Consequent upon non enforcement of the Bajaj Committee recommendation, that attempted to stem the cause of plague that etched dark chapter in the history of Surat in Gujrat.


Dumper 2 Nos.
Tractor & Trailer 9 Nos.
Hand Cart 28 Nos.
Excavator 3 Nos.
Robot 1 No.
Ambulance 1 No.
Swargarath 1 No.
TATA DI-207 1 No.
TATA Magic for TAX 2 No.

Storm Water Drainage

Total length of storm water drainage in the town is about 200 Km. out of which 10% is pucca and balance is Kutcha drain. Dibrugarh Municipality is having strength of 55 Nos. workers with the help of which drainages are maintained. Due to lack of permanent drains in several residential colonies water logging problems come up during monsoon.

Roads and Transportation

(i)   Earthen road 9.64 km.
(ii)  Gravel & sand gravel road  17.63 km.
(iii) Brick pavement road 35.94 km.
(iv) Asphaulted road 17.25 km.
TOTAL ROAD LENGTH      86.46 km.

Street Lighting

Presently Board is covering 52 Km of road length by means of 700 street light out of which 120 Nos. are S/v lamps, 280 Nos. tube light and rests 300 Nos. are CFL light and bulbs. The deputy Commissioner, Dibrugarh has recently introduced a project of streetlight naming as project “POHAR” for illumination of streets. In this project already several areas is illuminated with the help of public participation.


There are 5 Nos. of Parks under Dibrugarh Municipal Board with a very minimum facility. Though there are lots of Historical monuments in and around the town, which can be converted in to ideal recreation Centre, Board could not take up the works due to financial hardship.



Assam Medical Collage


Dibrugarh Railway


Dibrugarh University


Dibrugarh Airport

Contact Information

Dibrugarh Municipal Board
Graham Bazar, Dibrugarh. Assam
Phone: 0373-322111
Web Site: www.dibrugarhmunicipality.org


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