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Citizens Responsibilities

How can a Citizen Help?
Participation & cooperation of the citizens is solicited broadly in the following aspects:-

Health & Sanitation :-

  • Do not throw waste into open drains or streets.
  • Deposit wastes only at specified places and dust bins.
  • Use public toilets/urinals properly. Avoid nuisance in open spaces/road margins.
  • Don’t dump materials which obstruct or block, a road or finder the movement of traffic.
  • Use plastic judiciously.

Birth and death registration and issue of Certificate:-

  •  Register Birth immediately after birth.
  •  Name the child, preferably before registration.
  •  Informants for Registration should be responsible persons who could give correct personal information to avoid problems later.
  •  Register death immediately after occurrence.
  • Informants should be responsible persons who could give correct personal information.
  • Insist on giving details to the Hospital where delivery occurs for registration.
  • For extracts of Birth and Death certificates give correct details and pay the required fees for copies.

Prevention of Food Adulteration :-

  • Traders should avoid selling adulterated food articles or articles which are not safe for consumption, as a service to the people.
  • Traders to obtain license or renew license without fail at the appropriate time by paying the prescribed fee.
  •  Citizens may report adulterated food stuff to  Authorities as it may save a valuable.

Trade Licensing :-

  • Avoid unauthorized running of trades or machineries without license. Adhere to the licence conditions scrupulously.
  • Obtain license/renewal of license without omission and promptly.
  • Remit the fee dues promptly.
  • Do not encroach footpaths, streets by show causing materials outside the shop.

Property Tax :-

  • Pay Tax promptly without leaving any arrears.

Town Planning:-

  •  Cooperation with enforcement staff.
  • No unauthorized construction or addition/alteration without permission.
  • Start construction only after getting an approved plan.
  • Do not buy plots for construction in unapproved layouts.
  • Follow the building Bye laws
  • Report illegal constructions, dangerous constructions.
  • Avoid encroachments on public property and ensure foot paths are clear.
  • Cooperation for planned development of the city.

Roads :-

  • Do not damage the roads for public functions.
  • Do not dump debris and garbage in street margins.
  • Avoid encroaching roads/streets.
  • Avoid cutting roads without permission.
  • Do not allow house hold waste water to flow on the streets.
  • Do not throw garbage into drains.
  • Do not connect sewer lines to public drains.
  • Report water stagnations, missing manhole lids
  • Apply for permission to put up lights, shamianas on a public road.
  • Avoid stagnation of water.
  • Avoid aerial encroachment.

Water :-

  • Avoid wastage of water.
  • Avoid unauthorized drawing of water.
  • Get the repairs attended after proper intimation.
  • Pay water charges and other dues promptly and avoid disconnections.
  • Keep the tap closed both in house and in public stand post to avoid pollution
  • Report water leakage and water theft as public service.
  • Do not tamper with water supply connection.
  • Conserve rain water and construct Rain Water Harvesting structures in all buildings..



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